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Sponsor Opportunity – Clean India Day


Clean India Day is a national day that promotes cleanliness in the country. On this day various activities are held across the country to promote no-litter, clean towns and cities, sanitation, and clean waters and rivers in India. Last year on this day, activities and programs were held in over 40 towns and cities – ranging from Chennai to Jammu, Itanagar to Diu, and across the country.

The day is scheduled every year before the festival of Diwali, to leverage the cultural context of cleaning-up before the festival. This year the day shall be observed on Friday, October 30, and the website of the day is .

The day is promoted by the Come, Clean India campaign – perhaps the only and widest nation-wide non-governmental campaign that has been working on this issue consistently for more than three years, since its launch on January 30, 2011 at Rajghat. Website of the campaign is

In its journey so far, the campaign has earned awards and policy victories, established records, crossed milestones, and got mentions in Indian and world media, including the Washington Post. With a new government and the steadfast resolve of Prime Minister Modi to enable a clean India by 2019, we feel even more inspired and motivated to take our mission forward.


If you and your organization is passionate about cleanliness, clean streets in our towns and cities, sanitation, and clean waters of India, then we are perhaps the best partner for you to take this message to millions of Indians. It is a synergistic relationship – if you partner with us, we can go far, very far, and in turn we can take your message and brand very far.

Our mission this year is to touch over 100 cities, and over 100 million Indians with the message of a clean India in a very loud and clear voice. Opportunities exist at following scope:

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